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Like a beacon guides a ship to safety in the storm, I hope my story will
touch a heart somewhere, sometime, and light a path towards that person's growth in spirituality. 

When anger enters the mind, wisdom departs.

Thomas à Kempis

One doesn’t need to feel inferior in order to be humble. I have heard it defined as having an honest opinion of who you are–your worth in the sight of God and others, both your strengths and weaknesses. The essential element here, is not to be scornful of others. But if we are honest about our own weaknesses, the latter becomes easier to do.

Peace, as well as happiness, comes from within. I find great joy being on or near the water. This is just another of God’s precious gifts to us.

Nature is God’s way of reminding us of our mortality and that we should strive to live each day to the fullest. Nature gave me my first true awareness of the existence of God.

I was raised in Roundup, Montana to my coal miner father and school teacher mother. I graduated Assumption Abbey HS in 1962 and tried Western Montana College but dropped out. I then joined the Navy in 1963, making it a career and retiring in 1985 as a Chief Aerographer. Since that time I’ve worked in Alaska for Fairweather Forecasting as a forecaster and expeditor/weather observer on the North Slope of Alaska, in Houston, Texas as a meteorologist for Universal Weather and Aviation...retiring in 2001, and for 10 years resided in Hernando, Florida (Citrus County) and for 9 years in Land O Lakes, Florida. Recently moved to Bremerton, Washington to be near my children. I have 2 sons Dan and Chris, a daughter Yvonne, 2 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Thank you God.

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