A man was walking along the railroad tracks when suddenly he got his foot caught between the tracks.  He tried to get it out, but it was really stuck.  He heard the sound of a train coming and panicked.  He started to pray, “God, please get my foot out of these tracks and I’ll stop drinking!” 

Nothing happened.  His foot was still stuck, and the train was getting closer!  He prayed
again, “God, please get my foot out and I’ll stop drinking AND  swearing!”  Still nothing…..and the train was just seconds away!

 He tried it one last time, “God please, if you get my foot out of the tracks, I’ll quit drinking, swearing, and smoking!” 

Suddenly, his foot shot out of the tracks and he was able to dive out of the way, just as the train passed!

 He got up, dusted himself off, looked toward Heaven and said,
“Thanks anyway, God, I got it myself.”

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