An Easier & Softer Way..for the Newcomer

Step 1: I had an “Old Clunker” parked in the driveway. I had just about given up on it, but decided to make a whole hearted attempt to restore it.

Step 2: I couldn’t fix it, but I came to believe someone could.

Step 3: I turned the car over to a mechanic.

Step 4: I took an inventory of all that was wrong with the “Old Clunker.”

Step 5: I shared the inventory with the mechanic.

Step 6: I helped take off the old parts.

Step 7: I let the mechanic handle the rest.

Step 8: We made a list of all the parts that were needed, and got together and went over them.

Step 9: I admitted I hadn’t checked the oil and fluids properly, or fixed the other things that were going wrong. It was my responsibility to take care of the car, and I had not. I wanted to help, but being unfamiliar with the process, I allowed the mechanic to fix things. The car turned out

Step 10: I checked the oil, fluids, tires etc. more regularly, and when I didn’t the engine didn’t hummmmm.

Step 11: I called on the mechanic whenever there was trouble, asking him to fix the car.

Step 12: That mechanic and I had become such close friends…we decided to take a trip across the country, and stopped to help all that needed it along the way.

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