5 Timeless Truths from the Serenity Prayer

Here are five powerful takeaways from the Serenity Prayer that challenge us to live our fullest lives.

 We Can’t Control Everything

While we have power and influence to change certain situations we encounter in life, we will deal with certain things in the world that are outside of our control and we can’t let those things hook us. When we do, we only find ourselves frustrated, with a ‘life isn’t fair’ mentality. When you find yourself feeling a loss of control, remember to let go and let God do the rest.

It Takes Courage to Surrender

While surrendering is often viewed in a negative light because it is so often connected with weakness, the prayer reminds us that surrendering is a courageous act that requires complete trust and faith. When we have the courage to surrender, it gives us power to let go of the things we cannot change and a new relationship with God unfolds.

We Can Learn from Hardships

Have you ever looked back on a hardship you dealt with in the past and understood why it took place because of how much you learned and grew from it? We can learn a lot from hardships. Remember, the prayer says we should accept “hardships as the pathway to peace.” We all deal with obstacles in our lives. When we stop looking at them as defeats, and embrace them as opportunities for growth and strength, we rise above our circumstances.

God Has The Power to Restore Us

“Trusting that He will make all things right If I surrender to His Will.” Remember, the prayer says His Will be done, not our own. When you let God take the helm, He leads you exactly where He wants you to be in that very moment. When you lift your problems to Him and trust His Will, He restores.

Happiness Is Within Our Reach

The prayer, specifically the latter half is a powerful reminder that we should focus on the on “living one day at a time” and “enjoying one moment at a time”. Instead of ripping ourselves apart each day and asking ourselves why we aren’t happy, we are challenged to focus on the present, and find happiness, even in the little moments.

Apply These To Your Everyday

Let go, trust God and allow yourself to live to your fullest potential by applying these five takeaways to your everyday.

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