The Power of Prayer

The Serenity Prayer offers valuable lessons on dealing with life’s toughest circumstances. Here are six ways to apply this powerful prayer to your everyday life.

Accept The Things You Cannot Change

When it comes to dealing with life’s circumstances, know that there are certain things outside your control, so don’t focus on changing every little thing. Instead, identify, celebrate and embrace what you can learn from the situation.

Having the Courage to Change the Things You Can

The only thing you can change in life is you. Have the courage to acknowledge your strengths AND weaknesses. Take an honest look at yourself and acknowledge that you’re not perfect and work on what you can. This is the first step on the journey of change within.

Having the Wisdom to Know the Difference

We are called to this Earth for a specific purpose, with a specific purpose, even when we don’t always know what that purpose is. Learn to accept that you can’t change certain life circumstances, so accept who you are as a beautiful contribution to this world.

Living and Enjoying One Day At A Time

Instead of dwelling on the “what ifs” and the negatives of a given situation, focus on the power you have within yourself to define your own happiness; living one day at a time and enjoying one moment at a time. When you let go of the little things, you can see life in an entirely new way.

Accept Hardships as a Pathway to Peace

God isn’t always trying to teach us something new in our trials and hardships. Sometimes, God wants to unlearn certain habits, patterns and behaviors that hold us back from being our happiest. When you can accept hardships as pathways to peace, not looking at circumstances as forms of defeat but as opportunities for growth and strength, our lives can then be transformed.

Surrender to His Will

Remember, His Will. Not ours. When we declare this, we are handing Him the keys and allowing Him to take control of the wheel. By doing this, all the pressures, fears and anxieties of life flow out of us, and the love and Grace of God flows in.

Download and Print: The Power of Prayer