The Spirit Within

I am the Spirit within you.  I am balance and harmony.  Seek me in the tumult of fear and anguish and I am the soothing balm that will heal.  I am the light in the darkness of your pain and aloneness.  You shall find me in the stillness of time for I am the peace that you seek if you will but hush the frustration and anger that tears you apart, for I am there to guide you through the many disillusionments and disappointments of your life.

I am the Spirit within you.  I speak to you in honesty and with dignity and if you will listen you will know that I love you, indeed as you do not love yourself.  I see the many facets of your make-up and indeed to me I love them all.  I am the Spirit within you.  Find me in the solitude and the silence of your mind and I shall bring forth from within my power of goodness and love.

I am the Spirit within and I watch the seasons of time.  I am with you as your heart races forward into the spring.  I am happy with you in the summer of your peace.  As autumn comes and tucks away the dreams that will never become reality I am there to soothe the broken heart.  In winter I bid you patience, peace, that you can create a perfection with me that will strengthen and support all you days.

Indeed.  I am the Spirit within you and I know you in all your moods for I am you and you are me.  I see, I feel, I know, only through you for we are one, you and I will grow together as the seasons come and go until we are still in the Silence of God. Until we understand that only blended together are we truly fulfilled, I love that which you are and that which you shall become for in truth I am you and you are me until eternity.

We move together you and I as does the sun and the moon, moving to rhythm that is as old as time itself.  The moon may seem to disappear for a time and only stripes of light cut the inky darkness of the night but it is there as I am, the Spirit within giving you the power to believe in us and in life.

I am the Spirit within.  I am one part of you that you may reject at times and yet you cannot exist without me for I am you and you and I are one.  Together we are the Illumination of God.

~ Author Unknown~

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