It is no surprise that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. This damage extends to your oral health.
Smoking is the leading cause of preventable illness in America. It is the cause of 20 percent of deaths.
If you smoke, your oral health will suffer. You are at risk for bad breath, stained teeth, mouth legions, gum disease, and fatal diseases like oral cancer…read more….

Alcohol abuse can negatively affect your entire body, including your mouth, teeth, and gums. Dry mouth, bad breath, oral cancer, tooth decay and erosion, and gum disease are some of the issues related to alcohol abuse. Alcohol inhibits your ability to make rational decisions and good choices, which can lead to poor oral hygiene habits, eating foods that are starchy and sugary, smoking, and potential trauma to the mouth and teeth. Alcoholic drinks are also often acidic or high in sugar and alcohol can lead to dehydration.
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