If you answer yes to any of these questions you might need alcoholics anonymous in your life:

  1. Do you sleep on the couch since you set your bed on fire when you passed out while smoking?
  2. Was your liver purchased on the black market in South America?
  3. Was the woman you woke up next to last Sunday really your wife; in fact was she really a woman?
  4. Does every bartender in the neighborhood recognize your wifes voice and automatically tell her you’re not there?
  5. Have you ever considered the priesthood just for the wine?
  6. Did the family next door go to Disneyworld last year on the money they made from recycling your empties?
  7. Did the hotel room you rented on vacation last year seem awfully cramped until you woke up and realized you were sleeping in your car?
  8. Do you have a tab down at the local police station for your DUI fines?
  9. Do you choose your cologne for its taste rather than its scent?
  10. At your favorite bar do they have a special stool made for you with a seatbelt and a roll bar installed?
  11. Do you think the “morning after pill” is a new hangover cure?
  12. Is your favorite color amber?
  13. Is your new home made of heavy duty cardboard and says “Kenmore” on the side?
  14. Have you ever woken up some morning wearing someone elses underwear?
  15. Is your kids favorite song during the Holiday season, “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas.?”

Download and Print: You Might Need AA IF